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The cone of trout
Pisces see all items are above the water only strictly at a certain angle. If the angler will take into account this factor, it can choose the place for fishing, while remaining completely invisible to fish.

Night bream. Success Secrets bream night
The most important consideration when night fishing for bream is a good choice of location. Unlike day fishing is that it must be one.

The biggest bream in the world
Bream-this is one of the most popular and beloved by fishermen fish. Dried bream beer-in this pleasure can not deny himself not only fishermen, but most fans of the drink. And those who do not like beer, happy to eat for the company and not only bream in any form: dried, s alted, smoked, fried, and so on. D. Bream inhabits almost all the rivers and lakes, flood, except bystrobeguschih mountain and northern rivers with cold water.

Rods Banax: Blade, Thunder, Stratos and Mega
Korean trademark Banax has long been known for our anglers. At first, all we were able to meet with the coils, and only after a few years in our country appeared rod Banax. Of course, most of all, "thundered" Mega-a series of rods that simply redefined many spinningists of price/quality ratio, and in that class gear in which this quality is really present in full.

Cooking heh pike or walleye
Now consider the preparation of snacks heh Sudak or Pike. To prepare the snacks should go to the kitchen, where there is everything to cook a delicious snack.

Chub fishing spinning
When you look at chub, it seems that is exactly what should look like a real fish. Broad forehead, strong body, beautiful red fins.

Bout catching
On zakormlennoe place went roach, which perfectly caught on bloodworms. We tried to maggots, she only touched the bait, sucked at the edge, and bloodworms takes more actively.

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