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2017-12-28 00:00:00

Experienced fishermen can afford to use for catching walleye jig classic that brings excellent results. You may ask why others can not do? And we will reply that it needs to have a high skill. In addition, the jig gear are more expensive than usual. But catching in a plumb more understandable, cheap and affordable. Here, too, can achieve excellence, and the amount of their catch is not inferior dzhigovikam.
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For catching in a plumb desirable to use a heavy weight nylon fishing line and not less than 0.4 mm. Stepping back from the sinker a foot, tie the leash with two hooks. As the bait is best to use fish flesh, or dead bait fish fry. Between themselves leashes distance should be no less than twenty centimeters. Since the fishing occurs from the boat, it is desirable to fuse her slowly, inch by inch rattling bottom. Remember that most pike loves bumps, drops the depths of the pit, and so on. D. Near them need rattling bottom carefully. If picking up spinning, you feel resistance, then you already perch on the hook. Remember that this very cunning predator, and when you pick it up from the bottom, it almost does not resist. Powerful jerks it already does at the surface, so always use a landing net to catch it in time to grab.

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