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Special vegetable bait for catching roach productive winter

2017-12-28 00:00:00

There are a large number of plant nozzles, which in the course of fishing in winter is no worse than other baits. The most practical and interesting of these is probably the dough, the recipe of which consists of water and flour. Because of the carp family, including roach, often imagine the nutrient composition and energy value of their food, and in the winter of great value have additional special additives. In the dough should be added in order to increase the catch, special foods rich in plant and animal protein. Ordinary Summer "talker", made in haste, also works, but for winter conditions requires a special approach of its preparation. Piece should be no more, and very nutritious, to become a "tasty". Additives may be different, the most suitable for your fish structure you define themselves over time. Such ingredients may be added in kneading the dough: cream powder, milk, olive, sunflower and other oils, cocoa, chocolate, condensed milk, sugar, mayonnaise and more .. My friend, being a lover of weightlifting, even uses protein to build sports mix muscle. In fact, will fit all that contains sufficient protein, including egg powder. Provides specific formulation of the test does not make sense, because many anglers, and how many versions of the manufacture of the product. With it for a specific type of water bodies, the addition of a spoon of mayonnaise for the test is obligatory when others simply contraindicated. It`s all unpredictable, this ask for a pond that and to what extent there is usually added. There are different opinions about the odorous additives in the dough for winter fishing. Note that when adding dried cream, you already gives the product its flavor. Cold water is always more cleaner, so the summer extraneous smells in it should not be. Accordingly, for selecting the odor test, it is important not to make a mistake in it and its concentration. During the summer period lasting scent of vanilla may become clogged with algae bloom in a pond in the winter, this error frighten fish from the hole. The basic rule here is-"More, it does not mean better." And to carry out the desired item is better additive separately to avoid overdose. Working with a winter scent-garlic is best to squeeze out a couple of small cloves, pour them sunflower oil and the mixture was kept in a certain capacity. Thus, an accurate "dropwise" dosage of natural origin and flavor as a result of its uniform ALLOTMENT collected as scrap dough. To fragrant element was the most convenient dosing, you can use a medical syringe, which can be used as long-term storage capacity of such a plan flavor.

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