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Trolling on the River

2017-12-28 00:00:00

The fish can be caught in different ways, but the most effective way of catching predatory fish in the river is trolling for benzomotorom. I must say that trolling perfectly caught almost all the predatory fish-pike, walleye, perch, catfish and often.

Trolling River Why do we say-often catfish? Because most efficient gear for fishing for catfish-a croaker, which in general, superior trolling. But with the right approach can be very effective catfish catch and trolling. In addition, well caught trolling also chub, chub, ide and many other fish. Many anglers do not like trolling, considering this occupation unsportsmanlike and uninteresting. I must say that it`s not so easy for effective fishing trolling need very well understand all the details of fishing. For example, we often see anglers who "packed", as they say, with the latest technology. But steadily and purposefully to fish trolling, they have not learned. The fact is that for a good fishing trolling should not only have high quality and the right equipment, but still be able to think and analyze the ever-changing situation. It should be borne in mind that there are trollingist and opponents. Of course, the effectiveness of trolling is very high, but the opponents of this method of fishing advance several arguments. The first argument-that the trolling catch uninteresting and unsportsmanlike, the second-that trolling is very damaging to the predator population in the pond. The first quote we will not comment, because this article just says that trolling catch sports and interesting. But the second argument requires close attention. The fact is that trolling is really allows you to catch predatory fish very quickly and efficiently. And if trollingist irresponsible, if not a fisherman, sportsman, and breadwinner, the uncontrolled trolling reservoirs, especially if the pressure in the reservoir trollingist too big, it quickly loses the general supply of predators. Ecological balance in the pond is broken, and it reserves the predator are undermined. And first of all it concerns the pike. While the pond did not know trollingist, it contains a certain number of big pike. But as soon as the trollingist, first and foremost, as a rule, it stands out a large predator. Especially trolling fishing pressure is felt on the small rivers, it is here that most quickly knocked predator. On rivers catch large predator also has a place, but there the picture is not so sad. It is for this reason trolling in many European countries banned and trollingist gradually squeezed out of freshwater into the sea. Of course, the effectiveness of trolling in the sea, no one can dispute, because large expanses of fish found in any other way, except trolling is almost impossible. But in freshwater, where trolling is allowed, why not catch this way? If the question trolling fit properly and enjoy fishing, then eventually everyone trollingist dilemma arises: what to do with the fish, take it with you or let go? In our opinion, should be taken as many fish as you can eat, rest better go. First of all, it concerns the large specimens. What is the point to catch pike, which is growing for many years, and take her for a meal? Meat from her tasteless. So it`s best big fish caught during trolling, let go. Of course, we do not call immediately release the caught fish. The most interesting-is the process of catching, how you were able to win this fish as a struggle. And the culmination of this struggle, in our opinion, should be or photo or video, filmed during a fight with her. Remember, when you show your friends your photo caught trolling large fish, such as weighing 12-15 kg, did you ever asked someone whether this pike tasty or not? All first admired the size of the fish, and live fish. You got a fish out of water, all fins spread out from her, she`s beautiful, she still continues to struggle. At this point, it must be very carefully release the hook, but not immediately let go, and hold in your hand in the water to move back and forth, so that the gills exposed to water saturated with oxygen. And when the fish come to his senses, only then let her go. Keep in mind, none of your friends will never ask was this delicious fish or not. Admiration picture. Also, always remember that the big fish-a gene pool predator in this reservoir. It is he who gives the most full-fledged offspring, you are strongly advised to let him go. Take food for pike and other predatory fish, weighing 1-1.5 kg, 3.2 kg. A larger release, after making a picture or shoot a video. In our opinion, this is the right thing, and then you will not be trolling opponents arguments. The question arises why so well caught pike trolling? This, of course, applies to other fish, but in the first place-it is a pike.

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