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Making Perfume spinners
Very catchability bait lure is "Perfume" is a modernized "Acoustics". Fish characteristic foraging through the senses: taste, sight, touch line and so on. Moreover, predators greatly attracted by the smell of blood, even if it is dissolved in water in the minimum doses.

Making the Devonian of the sleeve
Making the Devonian in the home is not a very easy process, but this version of this bait has a certain number of advantages.

The role nezatseplyayki in spinning fishing
On the rivers for fishing spinning bait hook problems are rare. Basically, there are gaps in small ponds or lakes, densely covered with vegetation and the bottom covered with driftwood. Fisherman risks not only to break tackles quite expensive, but do not pull your deserved catch from the reservoir.

Winter fishing verhoplavki
In our waters inhabited by small fish bleak-verhoplavka. This name came from the fact that it floats mainly in the upper layers. There are just like her Bystrianka and verkhovka, but the bulk is dominated by bleak.

When pike does not respond to Walker
One of the most popular lures when fishing for pike is Walker. However, he does not always give a positive result. Today we tell you about the situations in which it is better not to use at all, and when they bring a great catch.

Perch on a long fishing pole in a plumb
This method is a little different from the previous method of fishing perch fishing rod with a float, but the main difference between the first method, the second is the depth of the perch, and consequently, and the hunt for a large predator.

Pike fishing zherlitsy
Pike fishing zherlitsy-is the most common method, probably due to the fact that it is very simple and rezultativen.

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