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Cooking heh pike or walleye
Now consider the preparation of snacks heh Sudak or Pike. To prepare the snacks should go to the kitchen, where there is everything to cook a delicious snack.

Chub fishing spinning
When you look at chub, it seems that is exactly what should look like a real fish. Broad forehead, strong body, beautiful red fins.

Bout catching
On zakormlennoe place went roach, which perfectly caught on bloodworms. We tried to maggots, she only touched the bait, sucked at the edge, and bloodworms takes more actively.

The three types of wiring on the River
Bolognese rod when fishing on the river, there are three main ways of posting. The first wiring is the simplest, but least effective-is a free swim. Swim with the free floating head, as he wants, and the fishing line is on the surface of water.

Fishing node-side loop for leash on the main line
Quite often there is a need on the main line to tie the noose, for which will be attached the leash. The loop is good because it can be fixed for all kinds of bait by the "loop in the loop," even without using the leash.

Dry floats. Ice Fishing
Dry floats. Ice lovlyaDannym way to catch pike in the winter season and other predators. Fishing Rod is quite simple, can be used on the lake and river ice drift up from the very beginning of freeze-up. It includes udilnik size 35-40em fishing line 0,4-0,5mm-Diamer, and its breaking strength should be 4,4-5,9kg wound on motoviltse, tee №9 8 5-10 or snastochki, Georgia, bells or the second float.

To be or not to be a fisherman-that is the question
anglers can become one if there is a rod and access to the pond where the fish is. Any permits and certificates required by hunters, fishermen do not need to collect, which greatly simplifies the problem and makes this kind of entertainment appealing to many fans.

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