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Fishing knot loop for tying lures
For tying lures a special assembly. His firm recommends RAPALA, and fit it very simple. node feature is that it has a clear loop in which the lure can quite happily play the game and it will not interfere with anything.

Where to find fish in the winter
Every fan of winter fishing decides for himself, whether to wait for the fish in a single well or look for it all over the reservoir.

Bits and bait for carp career
Feeding "diet" career carp nothing is virtually identical. Some "adjustments" in its composition can bring only those features or other water bodies, mainly the aft content.

Perch and especially his angling
In flowing rivers or reservoirs, where water is stagnant, the most common type of fish is perch. Favorite habitat of the fish can be called artificial water obstacles and covered cavity. In the river perch is most common in areas with natural cover and slow current, where he awaits his trophy.

Features catching carp
When angling carp need to show interest in the key features of this process. Originally used to accentuate worth bait. Karas refers to omnivorous fish, and therefore should use different lures.

What to do if bitten by a viper?
With the onset of heat, the fishermen go to ponds to catch animals. At the same time, the viper is not a rare phenomenon. They love to lie on the rocks at the water reservoirs, soaking up the sun.

When fishing for trout bait to be found on site
Trout is one of the most desirable prey amateur fishing. And today we will tell you how to get a good catch this incredibly tasty fish. Firstly, it should be remembered that the best bite is always in the morning.

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